With the popularity of digital marketing and the money being spent on social media marketing, you could be forgiven for thinking that mail marketing is dead.

While mail marketing may no longer have the same widespread appeal, there are still countless businesses using it to their advantage.

Below are some reasons why mail marketing still works if you know how to use it effectively.

Local Targeting

Social media marketing is a wonderful way to increase brand awareness, but you can find it hard to localize the things you are putting out onto various platforms.

Mail marketing is about as local as it gets. You can leverage direct mail services near me to get quality flyers printed. Then you can send those flyers into the mailboxes of the communities that would have an interest in your products and services.

Establishing Close Connections

Sending a person a piece of mail creates a close connection that you cannot replicate with a social media ad. They open up the mail you send and see a personalized discount. That is going to have an impact on whether they come to your shop in the near future.

So long as you are consistent with the mail that you are sending, you should have no issues building loyalty from your customers. They will understand that you are eager to present them with the very best deals during each season.

Targeting Offline Customers

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Not every person is glued to their smartphone or tablet every waking hour of their lives. Some people only check their phone one or two times a day, and do not spend much of that time researching companies.

If you want to target customers who do most of their browsing and shopping offline, you can leverage mail marketing to do so. Now you can get information out to these people about your products and services.